Monday, September 21, 2009


Four SISU Cycles racers made an appearance at the season's cyclocross opener. Danny, Jesse, Matt and Tyler all entered the "Eh" race, which drew 20 competitors. The weather was atypically hot, with temps approaching 80. The sandy course combined with hot, dry conditions resulted in some dirty bodies by race's end.

The pace of the first lap was smokin' as everyone vied for the prime... a growler of KBC brew. Team Priority Health rockstar Tyler Jenema set the tempo for the first lap, but was temporarily distracted by some curvaceous spectators and piled up in a narrow, sandy section. He brought Jesse down with him and they were passed by a few contenders, including Chocolay Ace phenom Jeff Juntti.

Jesse fell back to 8th place after dropping his chain three times, while Tyler Gauthier fought to stay in the top 4 for the first half of the race, only to rip off his derailleur hanger, ending his day on the bike. Meanwhile, Jenema broke a chain and DA flatted, forcing both of them into chase mode. Tyler Jenema quickly made his way back to the front; DA got rolling in 8th position behind Jesse, but was unable to match Jesse's enormous ego, I mean power. The two of them yo-yo'd a bit, and picked off a few riders who went out a bit too hard. Danny and Matt beat the crap out of themselves for 60 minutes and finished respectably.

It was great to see Ishpeming native Ron Williams show up at the race! Hope to see you again Ron!

"Eh" race results below, and at

1 Tyler Jenema
2 Jeff Juntti
3 Bryan Cook
4 Jesse Bell
5 Derek Anderson
6 Blu Tenbrink
7 Evan Simula
8 Andy Gregg
9 Steve Kuhl
10 Tom Mahaney
11 Joey Graci
12 Matt Palomaki
13 Ron Williams
14 Danny Hill
15 Mike Daggett
16 Toney Lackey
DNF Tyler Gautier
DNF Tim Shandonay
DNF Eric McCoy
DNF Wanhala

Check out all of Chris's race photos here.

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