Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UPCROSS - Pics from River Park

I have to thank Justin Bruursema (a professional photographer from Grand Rapids) for all the help and advice on shooting the race. He also took shots and some are included above and below. More to come in the near future. Also, please note that my comments are meant to be fun so, as Van Wilder says, "don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive."

This mystery man is the balla himself, Chris Lynch. I think he was trying to see how far he could throw his bike.
Kyle gets my vote for best tan.
Jesse is sporting the sleeveless. . . .and I'm still pissed that he forgot the helmet cam mount. . .arg!

Arron won the race in pretty convincing style.
Sweet 80's polo. . .but last week's Robinson jersey took the cake!
The dynamic duo.
Chris rockin the locks.
Chris actually fell on this corner. He is probably thinking "oh #$%@ I better get my inside foot unclipped like RIGHT NOW!!!"
Looks like Joey caught the red eye early this morning.

Andrea is sporting the tie-die with Nicole on her tail.

Nicole's perfect technique over the barrier
Photo taken by Justin Bruursema. His shots are insane. I've gotta get that 24mm wide angle lense he is using.

Big dave.

MJ is out of retirement and racing UPCROSS!
God, I wish I was 6'4"

Doesn't he look mean?

Kyle and Mike B were back and forth all day.
That thing is torture for CX.

Push, push, push, all day long. . . push, push, push while I sing that song. (Adam Sandler)

An anxious fan:)

Photo taken by Justin Bruursema

Holly man. . .does Matt look fast!!!
Tom and Boonen took their weekly cross lap after the race.
Love the socks!!
Tony, looking as agile as a gazelle.

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