Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trial run at Fort Custer...

Well the 650B is officially pimped out, rollin' smooth and ready to rock for this weekend! Fort Custer is a really cool venue. There is pretty much everything from long flat speed sections with fast technical turns, to obstacles, ditch sections and steep rock ledges. It is going to be an interesting race on Sunday!

I am looking forward to my first "REAL" race with the sport guys. I have been talking strategy and trying to understand a few things. I am a little worried about getting behind a slow guy in a technical section and loosing the leaders and / or having to really work to catch back up!

Either way, my expectations are - obvious if you know me at all - to WIN THE RACE! I have no idea what or who I will be up against. I do know this, Fort Custer had more riders than any of the other 5 MMBA events down here last year so I am sure there will be some contenders. Hopefully I will be out front all day... Who knows though!

I will update everyone Monday! I am looking forward to a Friday ride with Josh McCreedy out on the Poto trail in Pinckney! Happy trails and tight chains!


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