Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fixing a Fox RL lock-out pod

This is a great read if you are having problems with your lock-out sticking, jamming or malfunctioning.... No need to call Fox - Just read this blog!

So I figured I would just share this bit of information with the web world out there. It sounds like Fox has got a ton of calls on this pod locking up and they do not sell a new unit -- You have to buy a whole new fork!

Don't do it! It is unnecessary! Also, do not attempt to pull, itslef on the handlebars apart -- the issue is most likely in the mechanism mounted to the fork itself at the other end of the cable. The black plastic housing that attaches to the fork comes off with 3 easy allen head screws - 1.5 mm I believe...

Anyway, there is a spring and a couple of spring-loaded washers in there so be careful when you pull it and make sure that you mentally note the orientation of the beveled piece in there because if you put it back together the wrong way it will not work and you could snap the cable so be careful!

What happens - since that housing is not sealed - as you can imagine is it builds dirt, rust, etc. When you get it off, pull the spring, clean it, and dry-lube everything before re-assembling.

What I do now, after a ride and after I wash my bike I use compressed air to blow out the housing and I have been pulling it and lubricating it monthly as well to prevent the same problem in the future!

Good luck and go Sisu!!

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