Monday, March 16, 2009

Building the BASE

The weather was perfect for an early spring base ride yesterday. So nice that we just kept going and going and ended up reaching the 4 hour mark which ended up being 55 miles. I (Tyler G.)trained with Stumpy from Team Ace and Tyler Jenema from Priority Health, a Cat 1/2 team. It's nice to get out there with the guys and chat, it really sums up the reason of why we ride. So nice that it gets me super ecstatic to ride with all the guys from Team Sisu. For the most part we trained at a Zone 1/2 pace and through in a small pace line at the end to get the legs pumping. All in all, just a great ride.

I know another Team Sisu rider took advantage of the weather, Tim Palomaki got some miles on the legs while spending time in the Twin Cities. He called during the ride and was amazed how nice the weather was. Matt also got some great training in taking advandtage of the ski trails and did a 3 hour+ ski. That was followed by a ski we did on Saturday that was 2:30 hours. Makes for great base training.

It's nice to hear the guys are putting on the miles. ALL OUT!

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