Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Road Ride

Though it was not pleasant, I was able to complete my first road ride of the 2009 season yesterday. I thought since the UP was providing us with a steaming hot 42 degree day I would take advantage and ride the CX bike. It was a short 50 minute ride but it sure felt good to feel rubber on the raod instead of on a metal cylinder. As Danny said, it gets just a bit boring. Maybe it’s boring because I don’t watch Rachael Ray, by the sounds of Danny’s enthusaiasm maybe it’s something I should try.
With a bit of luck I thought maybe I could get two consecutive days on the bike but winter re-emerged and the ground is blanketed with the dreaded white stuff again. Why do we live here? Oh yeah, so we can race for dat team der dey call Team Sisu! eh.

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