Friday, March 20, 2009


It is indeed a good day! I awoke today at 11a.m.(no I didn't sleep in, I work midnights) to a beautiful sunny sky and very little wind. I mounted the two-wheeler and commenced to do the Greenwood Reservoir Loop, 40 miles of the most beautiful scenery the westend has to offer, not to mention 8 miles of pave that would rival the roughest stretches of the "Hell of the North"! Along the route I saw a mature bald eagle standing on the ice of the Reservoir and numerous deer returning to their summer habitat, the U.P. is truly someplace special!
Matt is right, March Madness is upon us, it even makes me a basketball fan albeit only for 2 short weeks a year. As I sit with a P.B., B., & J sandwich(middle B not a typo, it's a banana) in my one hand and a glass of Ovaltine in the other and a cup of Raspberry Zinger herbal tea cooling, I'm watching Dayton beating up on WVU. I'm also waiting for 9:40 p.m. when MSU hits the hardwood.
Tonite I'm going to trade in that P.B., B. & J. for a P.B.R and celebrate my sister-in-law going from Miss Bergh to DR. Bergh, today is indeed a good day!

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