Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Metric Century Training Ride

Glen and I got out for our first metric century traing ride yesterday, the Gwinn Loop. The weather was perfect, bright sun, fairly dry pavement and the natural phenomenon of wind in your face in both directions was not present, I heard that starts in April. It was great to get out on the roads, the trainer in the basement gets mighty old!
Since joining the Sisu Cycles Team I've changed my training strategy. I was watching Rachael Ray on the Food Network while spinning on the trainer and when I finished I was off to the store for ingredients for the night's meal, what's up with EVOO! Now, in order to fit into those race cut jerseys I've switched to Andrew Zimmern and "Bizzare Foods", its hard to find June Bugs, cricket legs, and raccoon lips at Jim's IGA. See you on the road.....

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