Monday, April 13, 2009

McDonalds vs. Burger King

I went out for a long easy recovery ride today by myself and on these rides I usually find myself daydreaming of different things I'll do when I retire like build my dream camp, hike the AT, ride the Continental Divide, see the Tour in person........, but today I decided to take a survey. As I was navigating my way down Buffalo Hill Rd. (lots of new pavement by the way) a car passed me and shortly there after I see a McDonald's bag ejected out of the passenger side window. I've noticed more trash than usual this spring on the sides of the road, so I decided to count the number of fast food bags and containers during my 50 mile ride. The results of my survey are LAZY people prefer McDonalds 3 to 1 over Burger King. Maybe a deposit on the fast food bags and empty cigarette packs might help keep the sides of the road a little cleaner, what do you think....


  1. this could also say that burger king people prefer to put their trash in a garbage can!!

  2. or that burger king people like the extra fiber that they find in the bag itself