Monday, April 20, 2009

Reynolds DV46 Wheels

So, I've got these sexy Reynolds carbon wheels built up on a PowerTap hub. They're stiff, light and look great. Only problem is I've blown a spoke on my last two big rides. Once was tolerable, but twice in such a short span is not.

Reynolds was the center of a lot of ridicule this weekend after I DNF'd another group ride. However, they're talking a good game so far. The company promptly returned a phone call from Matt at SISU Cycles and indicated that this type of problem is not at all common. They asked that we send in the wheel ASAP. Within one day they'll either send me a new wheel or identify and fix the problem with the current one. If that happens, I'll be a satisfied customer.


  1. looks like someone needs to lose some weight....fat ass!

  2. Jesse, stop breaking things! Chains, wheels, tires, I don't think your bikes like you.