Saturday, April 11, 2009

SISU Cycles Race Team enters.........

The roads are open, smooth pavement, a fighting North wind, the smell of Lake Superior, and friendly 8 ft. wide shoulders..............Figure it out yet?

Still haven't figured it out?

You got it. SISU Cycles has entered Red Jacket Country. I made the trip up to the Houghton/Hancock area for the weekend. I would like to say I came up here just to ride but I am visiting the In-Laws for the Easter Holiday. Well up here I thought it would be a great chance to ride some wonderful roads and throw in a 3 day training camp.


Friday started with an easy, or what I wanted to be easy but the wind made it a bit slow, ride from L'Anse to Dollar Bay. I had my wife drop me off at the Holiday station and completed the rest of the journey by two wheels instead of four. The temperature was good but the heavy Lake Superior North wind made the ride a bit chilly and slow. Needless to say I completed the 40 mile, 2 1/2 hour ride just fine. Knowing the weather was only getting better for the weekend this made a great opening ride.


My training called for another easy 2 hour ride but I wanted to stretch it out a bit since I was riding in a place I usually am not. I used the helpful and mapped out a ride that brought me to just about every town in the Keweenaw. This happened to be one of the most beautiful rides I have ever been on. It offered great views of just about everything. What made it even better is every road I was on, it was as if they were made just for roadies. Wide shoulders, low traffic, long hills, rolling hills, and straight flat stretches. Oh man it was awesome. The route made for a perfect zone 2 rolling hill kind of day. I ended up doing 52 miles in 3 hours. Definitely going to have to come do this with the whole team.


My goal for day 3 was to find a long gradual hill, I had some skepticism but I found one on just about every corner! I decided to do my warm up ride towards Lake Linden and train on the Calumet Hill. The Calumet hill is about 3 miles long with a gradual incline, some spots steeper than others. I climbed the hill in 8 minute intervals in the big ring at a 50-60 cadence and repeated this 5 times. It got really boring by the 3rd time, I couldn't even look forward to the down hill anymore it got so boring. Any how, I ended up riding 40 miles in 2 hours. 12.5 of it up, 12.5 of it down, and 15 of it flat. All in all this was a great weekend.

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